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SM5G-GG Series Pressure Sensor With mV Output
Pressure Medium: Air/Gas
Sensor Type: Gauge
Supply Voltage: Under 5V, 5V
Output Signal: Millivolt
Pressure Range: 3-300 psi
Kind: Board Level

The SM5G-GG Series is a small outline SO8 packaged pressure sensor that incorporates new SM30G MEMS piezoresistive pressure sensing die. The SM5G-GG Series has been optimized to provide the highest possible accuracy for a package of this size. Performance is achieved through careful resistor placement and mechanical configuration along with advanced MEMS processing.

The packaged sensor is intended for high volume applications where cost is a critical factor, such as industrial and medical products. samples of the SM5G-GG Series are available as gauge pressure sensors in 5 or 15 psi. Higher ranges are available soon. It is designed to be surface-mounted on ceramic or PC board substrates by high-volume OEM manufacturers. The SM5G-GG Series is in a ported package. It can be used to sense pressure in a manifold configuration with an O-ring seal. The sensors are available in sticks or tape and reel.


  • 5 or 15 psi, absolute pressure (other ranges available soon)
  • Wide temperature range (-40C to +125C)
  • Suitable for automated assembly
  • Improved stability with integrated field shields
  • 90 millivolt output
  • Constant current or constant voltage drive
  • Ported configuration

Typical Uses

  • Medical - negative pressure wound therapy, health monitoring, blood pressure, bioreactors
  • Pneumatic gauges
  • Handheld meters
  • Pressure switches
  • Sports equipment