SCD51 15-100 PSI
Pressure Medium: Air/Gas
Sensor Type: Gauge, Absolute
Supply Voltage: Under 5V
Output Signal: Millivolt
Pressure Range: 3-300 psi
Kind: Board Level

Using a high quality silicon MEMs pressure sensor as the sensing element, the SCD Series provides a compact footprint for the tightest space requirements. It is particularly well-suited for high volume OEM applications that require the flexibility of either gauge or absolute pressure sensors. The SCD51 Series can be specified with pressure ranges from 5-100 psi.


  • Ceramic surface mount package
  • Millivolt output
  • Gauge pressure for 5, 15 and 100 psi
  • Wide operating voltage of 3-10V
  • 0.3% FS linearity
  • Closed bridge

Typical Uses

  • blood pressure monitoring
  • gauges
  • barometric pressure