Barometric Pressure Sensor | Digital Pressure Sensor MS5534
Pressure Medium: Air/Gas
Sensor Type: Absolute, Barometric
Supply Voltage: Under 5V
Output Signal: Digital
Pressure Range: 3-300 psi
Kind: Board Level

Low Power Pressure Sensor: The MS5534 is a SMD-hybrid device including a piezoresistive pressure sensor and an ADC-Interface IC. Not recommended for new designs.

It provides a 16 Bit data word from a pressure and temperature-dependent voltage. Additionally the module contains 6 readable coefficients for a highly accurate software calibration of the sensor. MS5534 is a low-power, low-voltage device with automatic power down (ON/OFF) switching. A 3-wire interface is used for all communications with a microcontroller. Sensor packaging options are plastic or metal cap.

Available Versions

Pressure 10..1100 mbar
Temperature -40..+125°C
Standby Current 0.1uA
Solder Pb free Solder Bumps
Soldering Profile 240-250°C


  • Integrated pressure sensor (9x9 mm)
  • Pressure range 10-1100 mbar (B)
  • 15 Bit ADC
  • 6 coefficients for a software compensation stored on-chip
  • 3-wire serial interface
  • 1 system clock line (32.768 kHz)
  • Low voltage / low power
  • Pb-free & RoHS-compatible

Typical Uses

  • Mobile altimeter/barometer systems
  • Weather control systems
  • Adventure or multi-mode watches
  • GPS receiver