Ceramic Pressure Transducer ME77X Series
Pressure Medium: Air/Gas, Harsh & Liquid Environments
Sensor Type: Gauge, Absolute
Supply Voltage: 5V
Output Signal: Voltage, 4-20 mA
Pressure Range: 3-300 psi, 300 psi & up
Kind: Ceramic

ME77X are two-piece piezoresistive ceramic pressure sensors with three different output signal options: ratiometric 0.5-4.5V, non-ratiometric 0-10V or 4-20 mA. 

The ME77X is a gauge, sealed gauge or absolute pressure sensor with a range of 0.5-600 bar. Pressure and temperature calibration is done electronically with an on-board ASIC. When the temperature changes, the electronics provide an offset and span correction as well as aging detection. Excellent chemical resistivity make the ME77X compatible in nearly all aggressive media.

An interesting blog post is now available Understanding Ceramic Pressure Sensors Models.


  • 0.5-600 bar pressure
  • Accuracy is 1% fs
  • Temperature-compensated -25°C to 125°C
  • Media compatible
  • Signal conditioned
  • High linearity and low hysteresis
  • Various outputs: ratiometric 0.5-4.5V, non-ratiometric 0-10V or 4-20 mA

Typical Uses

  • Industrial automation
  • White goods
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Process control