FPBS Series Absolute Pressure With mV Output
Pressure Medium: Air/Gas
Sensor Type: Absolute
Supply Voltage: Under 5V
Output Signal: Millivolt
Pressure Range: 3-300 psi
Kind: Board Level

FPBS Series Absolute Pressure With mV Output


  • Extremely small size, surface mount "button" package
  • Barometric pressure measurements
  • Water depth can be measured
  • Pressure range measuring: -600 to 3,417 (0 to 8,200) g/cm2
  • Pressure type: Absolute pressure
  • Pressure media: Non-corrosive gas, water, and sea water
  • Supply current (constant current): 0.15 mA
  • Output voltage: 2.5 to 7.0 (5.0 to 9.0) mV

Typical Uses

  • Watches
  • Barometers
  • Weather monitor
  • Relative Altimeter
  • Very cost sensitive consumer applications