Sensors for Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Measurement
Pressure Medium: Air/Gas
Sensor Type: Gauge
Supply Voltage: Under 5V, 5V
Output Signal: Voltage
Pressure Range: 3-300 psi
Kind: Board Level

Servoflo and Fujikura are pleased to offer pressure sensors specifically designed for non-invasive blood pressure measurement. These sensors are specially calibrated AP3/AG3 models.

The sensors have a silicon pressure sensing chip and a signal conditioning integrated circuit to provide an amplified, temperature-compensated, calibrated voltage signal proportional to the applied pressure.

In addition, the sensors include a single point threshold detection. The AP models are DIP while the AG is surface mount. Fujikura is a premier provider of pressure sensors for the non-invasive blood pressure market. 

The specialized models include:

  • AP3xx-044KG-NIBP
  • AG3xx-044KG-NIBP
  • AP3xx-050KG-NIBP
  • AG3xx-050KG-NIBP


  • Pressure ranges and performance optimized to meet regulatory standards
  • Accurate, reliable, competitively priced
  • Small package sizes
  • High level output signal saves space and adds reliability
  • Built-in single point threshold detection
  • Operational amplifiers and temperature compensation thin-film-resistors are integrated on chip.
  • Offset voltage and sensitivity are pre-calibrated.
  • Optimized calibration ranges of 0-330 mmHg (44 kPa model) or 375 mmHg (50 kPa model)
  • 2 supply voltage options - 5.0 VDC or 3.3 VDC