Mass Flow Sensors

PMF86000 Series Parylene Coated Mass Air Flow Sensor for Medical Devices & Industrial Applications

The PMF86000 Series is Gen II mass airflow sensors are designed for respiratory care and other medical & instrumentation applications. These sensors are parylene-coated. Bi-directional versions available.

The entire sensor PCB assembly is coated in parylene, including the sensor die, allowing the sensor to perform reliably in harsh environments such as high humidity and trace amounts of corrosive gases. The PMF86000 series has adopted a single, main flow path design, eliminating the risk of a bypass being clogged by water condensation and dust particles.


  • Various flow ranges from 0-50 SLPM to 0-300 SLPM
  • Bi-directional flow sensing (optional).
  • Flow repeatability of 0.5% FS
  • Long-term stability with minimal null drift
  • Solid-state sensing core (no surface cavity or fragile membrane, resistant to clogging and pressure shock)
  • Fast response time of less than 5 ms
  • Supply voltage of 5VDC 
  • Linear analog output of 0.5 to 4.5 VDC or digital I2C output
  • Overpressure of 50 psi


  • Medical respirators, ventilators, oxygen concentrators & anesthesia equipment
  • Anesthesia delivery
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Fuel cell control