Mass Flow Sensors

PMF6000 Series Mass Air Flow Sensor for Bypass Assemblies

The PMF6000 is developed specifically for use in bypass assemblies by customers wishing to design their own flow body and restrictor element. By utilizing the linearized factory calibration from Posifa, customers can create master calibration curves specific to their custom bypass design with minimal additional corrections in the production process. The PMF6000 comes with a standardized package for manifold mounting. The series includes the PMF6000V for a voltage output and PMF6000D for a digital I2C output. Two flow ranges are available: 0-1000 sccm and 0-6000 sccm.


  • Various flow ranges of 0-1000 sccm (PMF6102) and 0-6000 sccm (PMF6106)
  • Highly accurate: 4% of reading typical
  • Long-term stability with minimal null drift
  • Solid-state sensing core (no surface cavity or fragile membrane, resistant to clogging and pressure shock
  • Fast response time of 5 ms
  • Supply voltage of 6-16 VDC (10 V recommended)
  • Linear analog output of 1-5 VDC or digital I2C output


  • Leak detection
  • Fuel cell control
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Nebulizers
  • CPAP equipment