Mass Flow Sensors

PMF2000 Series Mass Flow Sensor

The PMF2000 Series of mass airflow sensors incorporate the latest MEMS and microelectronics innovations. The sensor die uses a pair of thermopiles to detect changes in temperature gradient caused by mass flow, delivering ultra-low noise-to-signal, and unsurpassed repeatability. The "solid-state" thermal isolation on the sensor die eliminates the need for surface cavities or fragile membranes, used in competing solutions, making the sensor resistant to clogging and pressure shock. The sensor's internal signal conditioning circuitry leverages an off-the-shelf microcontroller, providing proven reliability and low cost.

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The PMF2000 Series covers the ranges from 10 sccm to 2000 sccm. The sensors are fully calibrated and compensated over the temperature range of 0°C to 50°C. The linearized analog output  of 1-5V provides customers with maximum flexibility and ease-of-use.


  • 10 to 2000 sccm
  • Robust and cost-effective package
  • High repeatability of 2% FS max
  • Long-term stability with minimum null drift
  • Solid-state sensing core, resistant to clogging and pressure shock
  • High sensitivity at very low flows
  • Fast response time of 1 ms
  • Bi-directional flow sensing
  • Linear analog output of 1-5V


  • Patient monitoring systems
  • Sleep apnea monitors
  • Respirators and ventilators
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Nebulizers
  • Anesthesia delivery
  • VAV damper control
  • Environmental monitoring systems
  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Clogged filter detection
  • Fuel to air ratio sensing
  • Leak detection equipment
  • Process control