Mass Flow Sensors

PAV1000 Series Air Velocity Sensor

The PAV1000 was designed as an economical high-performance air velocity sensor for thermal management & HVAC systems. Unlike thermistor-based solutions, the Posifa MEMS sensor core is minimally affected by ambient temperature changes and provides instant real-time feedback on air velocity speeds. The PAV1000 features Posifa's third-generation thermal flow die, benefiting from the latest innovations in microfabrication.

The sensor die uses a pair of thermopiles to detect changes in temperature gradient caused by mass flow, delivering excellent signal-to-noise and repeatability. The "solid-state" thermal isolation structure on the sensor die eliminates the need for surface cavity or fragile membrane used in competing technologies, making the sensor resistant to clogging and pressure shock. The output is an analog voltage trimmed at zero and full-scale.


  • Various flow ranges of 0-7.23 m/sec (PAV1005V) or 0-15 m/s (PAV1015V)
  • Highly accurate: 5% of reading
  • Long-term stability with minimal null drift
  • Solid-state sensing core (no surface cavity or fragile membrane, resistant to clogging and pressure shock
  • Fast response time of 125 ms
  • Supply voltage of 5 VDC 
  • Linear analog output of 0-4.5 VDC
  • Repeatability of 1%
  • Small size of 39.4 mm long X 25.5 mm wide


  • Data center thermal management
  • HVAC VAV damper control
  • HVAC filter monitoring