Mass Flow Meters

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MFG Mass Flow Meters

The MFG Series mass flow meters are powered by battery and offer a wide dynamic range while mainiting the high sensitivity at low flows for gas monitoring and measurement. The meters have RS485 Modbus communication interface that is ready for remote data logging or networking. Storage designed in the control circuitry allows the user to program the records of the flow status  which can be transmitted via the network or downloaded with a handheld or personal computer.

The meters are best for clean and dry gas flow measurement. The meters also come with options for GPRS data transmittsion, prepaid IC card reader atatchment with a shut-off valve. Other convenient features include a small compact size and packaging flexibility (see diagram below).

Featuresmass flow sensor components

  • Various options for flow channel dimensions include 32 mm, 50 mm, 65 mm or 80 mm
  • Direct measurement of mass flow without additional temperature and pressure compensation
  • Battery-powered standalong unit with long battery life
  • High accuracy and repeatability at full dynamic range
  • Standard RS485 Modbus interface for remote data logging or networking
  • Additional flow status records internally for data safety
  • Optional GPRS data transmission accessories 
  • Compact size for easy installation and transportation