Mass Flow Sensors

ESRF-HF insertion gas flow transmitter

ES Systems has developed ESRF-HF, a family of insertion gas flow transmitters, based on the hot-film anemometer principle for mass gas flow measurements.

The ESRF-HF is a family of mass flow transmitters enabling fast and accurate measurements of gas flow over a wide dynamic range. Each transmitter integrates a MEMS flow sensor and readout electronics inside a housing with a very small form factor made from stainless steel.

insertion flow meter in pipe ESRF ES Systems**All new inquiries for these parts should contact ES Systems directly via their Contact Us page. You may also contact us with any questions and we can forward your inquiry accordingly.**

The duty pressure of the flow transmitter is 11bar. All measurement data are fully calibrated, and temperature compensated on board, leading to a reduced temperature coefficient and high measurement accuracy.

The standard system provides analog signal output, with excellent repeatability and hysteresis combined with good resolution. Calibration gas is air, but other non-aggressive gases can be also available upon request.

The compact size of the ESRF-HF flow transmitters combined with the ruggedized stainless-steel housing makes them ideal for use in industrial applications within confined spaces. For easier handling and mounting, a series of in-line pipe adaptors (Ø20, Ø25, Ø32) is also available upon request.


  • Unidirectional operation
  • Wide dynamic range from 100 ln/min up to 1500 ln/min
  • Excellent repeatability and hysteresis
  • Output of 4-20 mA
  • Accuracy of ±2%  RD +0.3%FS
  • High duty pressure
  • Low temperature coefficient
  • Compact size
  • 3 package offerings

Typical Uses

  • Industrial
  • Natural gas
  • Airflow monitoring

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