Mass Flow Sensors

CAFS4000 Mass Flow Sensor

The CAFS4000 mass flow sensor is fabricated using a MEMS flow sensor chip. It is suitable for the measurement of clean and relatively dry gases for various purposes. The CAFS4000 has a range of 0-500 SLPM. Excellent sensitivity, high reliability, and high stability make the CAFS4000 an excellent mass flow sensor.

The CAFS4000 has a high precision digital processor and calibration circuit, integrated A/D converter and logic with internal calibration. The sensing signal is effectively collected in real-time and the corresponding compensation algorithm is processed internally, eliminating the need for external calibration.


  • Wide flow range 0-500 SLPM
  • High precision (1.5% FS)
  • Linear output and temperature compensation
  • Minimal zero drift
  • Solid-state sensing core
  • Analog output of 1-5V or I2C
  • Fast response time of 20 ms


  • Ventilators & respirators
  • Oxygen concentrators & conservers
  • Anesthesia delivery
  • Leak detection
  • Mass flow controller
  • Fuel cell control


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