Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen Sensors from Fujikura

Today, Fujikura is the pioneer of the zirconium-based, current-limiting oxygen sensors. This style of sensor has many advantages over other ways of measuring oxygen.


Our oxygen sensors do not require periodic calibration or replacement. If the air is clean, once the sensor or sensor assembly is calibrated to the electronics that drive the heater circuit and read the output, you do not have to reset them. They will last at least 3 years and more if our guidelines for use are followed. Most competitive chemical cell types last 6 months to a year. Reference gases are not required for proper operation or set up as is the case with Zirconia Concentration Cell, or galvanic cells.

Accuracies of +/- 0.5% oxygen concentration are standard with our sensor-only products. In our oxygen modules, accuracies of +/- 1% F.S. are standard. Chemical cells sold by competitors run typically 2 to 5%.


Our sensors normally can not be exposed to flammable gases as the internal pellet inside the sensor runs at approx. 450 degrees C. Exposure to halogen atoms of F, Cl, Br, etc. will damage the sensor along with exposure to SOX, HO2S, and vapor of silicone and adhesives. In most sensor listings, a Teflon barrier protects the sensing pellet from moisture and water drops. Therefore, unless the sensor is submerged, the effect of moisture-laden air is minimal.

Model Selection

  • FCX-U .1 to 25% O2 Sensor Only
  • FXC-ULL, 0-1000 ppmO2, O2 Sensor Only
  • FCX-UW .1 to 95% O2 Sensor Only
  • FCX-MV .1 to 25% O2 Control Module w/sensor, logarithmic output
  • FCX-MVL same as FCX-MV except also includes linearizer pcb
  • FCX-MW .1 to 95% O2 Control Module w/sensor, logarithmic output
  • FCX-MWL same as FCX-MW except also includes linearizer pcb