Humidity Sensing Elements

MVH2000A High Performance Analog Humidity Sensor

The MVH2000A Series are small analog humidity sensors with high performance and accuracy. The miniaturized humidity sensors are fully calibrated and provide a standard analog output that is ratiometric to the supply voltage. This sensor type supports systems operating in high noise environments where sensors with digital outputs cannot be used. The micro-Watt levels of power consumption of these sensors make them the ideal choice for portable and remote applications.

The MEMS Vision combined humidity and temperature sensors offer competitive price-to-performance value for a wide range of applications and end users. Evaluation kits are available!

2 different models are available:

Model  RH Range   Typical Accuracy
MVH2003A 20% - 80% ±2.5% RH
 MVH2004A  20% - 80% ±3.5% RH


  • DFN type package, 3 X 2.4 X 0.8 mm
  • 10T to 90%Ratiometric analog output
  • Fully calibrated
  • Self-diagnosis algorithms ensure accurate and repeatable measurements
  • Response time of 4 seconds
  • Voltage supply range of 1.8V - 5.5V
  • Low power consumptions: 130 µAvg current (1.8V supply)


  • OEM products
  • HVAC systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Meteorology
  • Consumer
  • Building automation
  • Agricultural systems
  • Data logging
  • Smart phones & tablets
  • Consumer products
  • Household appliances
  • Medical equipment