Dew Point Sensors

SHS-A4L Dew Point Sensor

The humidity sensor SHS-A4L is a resistive dew formation sensor with miniaturized dimensions for detecting the onset of condensation. The exponentially rising resistive characteristics in the upper humidity region facilitates simple signal processing and a stable switching behavior on dew formation threshold.

The ceramic substrate can become a thermal contact on the reverse side to sense surface humidity.  Through SIL-contacts, the component can be directly mounted on a printed circuit board.


  • Detection of high humidity, dew formation or condensation
  • Very low tolerance of impedance curve
  • Application range from 0-100% rH, 0-60°C
  • Model with SIL-contacts for PC board mounting

Technical Features

Measuring Principle: resistive humidity sensor
Humidity Range: 0-100% relative humidity
Temperature Range: 0 to 60°C
Impedance at rH60%: 0.73 kOhm
Impedance at rH80%: 1.7 kOhm
Impedance at rH94%: 39.3 kOHM
max. evaluation voltage: less than 0.8 vpp
Base substrate size: Ceramic 5.1 X 7.0 X 0.6 mm
Connection: 2 SIL-contacts RM 2.54 mm X 10 mm


  • Building instrumentation, cool ceiling controller, air-conditioning
  • Moisture protection in switcher panels and electrical equipment
  •  Condensation detection in outside directed walls
  • Ventilation control in rooms where humidity condensation is important
  • Leakage monitor for waterproof housings
  • Brown goods, (i.e. camcorder and cameras)