DGF-I1 Gas Density and Concentration Sensor

This case study discusses how the DGF-I1 gas density sensor can monitor gas canisters installed in a process. Prevent costly waste and possible damage by easily monitoring the type of gas used in a process.

Gases are often colorless and odorless, they can be rather expensive, and damage can occur – previously, it was only possible to check whether the suitable gas was being taken out of storage or introduced into a process by means of random sampling. With the density sensor from TrueDyne, you can determine the density of a gas and thus the quality directly during operation. This prevents mix-ups and rejects.

monitoring gas tank quality with a density sensor

  1. Clean gas storage: A cylinder containing gas C has been incorrectly stored among cylinders containing gas A.
  2. Pressure reducer.
  3. The DGF-I1 is integrated into the filling system and measures the gas density in real-time. If gas C is introduced, it detects the deviating density and stops the filling process.
  4. If the DGF-I1 determines that the density of the gas is correct, the process continues.
  5. The correct gas is used and the quality is guaranteed at all times.