DGF-I1 Gas Density and Concentration Sensor

Improve food quality and reduce food waste with real-time monitoring of gases used in filling food packaging.

Meat or fresh salads are packaged in a protective atmosphere so that they have a longer shelf life and do not turn brown. As standard, individual food bags are pierced after filling and the gas inside them is tested. If the result is inadequate, the entire production batch must be discarded. With the density sensor from TrueDyne, you can check the quality of the gas mixture in real-time and directly in the packaging process – spot checks are no longer necessary and there is less waste.

Food 1080x601pxl DGF Modified Atmosphere Packaging

  1. Gas cylinders for the filling of food packages (mostly CO2 and N2).
  2. Gas mixer.
  3. The two gases, A and B, are mixed.
  4. The DGF-I1 is integrated directly into the production process. The sensor measures the density of the gas mixture in real time and directly in the packaging process.
  5. Food is packaged in a protective atmosphere. If the density measured by the sensor deviates from the nominal value, production can be interrupted.