Compression Sensors

FX1901 Compression Load Cell - Force Sensor

The FX1901 Compression Load Cell units are intended for OEM use in laboratory, hospital or consumer product applications, establishing a breakthrough price/performance value for compression load cells. The FX1901 is a 1% load cell device with full scale ranges of 10, 25, 50 or 100 and 200 lbf compression. This new, low-cost technology enables force sensing in a whole new class of "smart" consumer and medical products.

TE Connectivity's proprietary Microfused™ technology, derived from demanding aerospace applications, employs micro-machined piezoresistive strain gauges fused with high temperature glass to a high performance stainless steel force measuring flexure. Microfused™ technology eliminates age-sensitive organic epoxies used in traditional load cell designs, providing excellent long term span and zero stability. Operating at very low strains, Microfused™ technology provides an essentially unlimited cycle life expectancy, superior resolution, high over-range capabilities and a ratiometric span of 20 mV/V. The combination of stamped flexures and micro from disposable medical devices to durable appliances and exercise equipment.


  • Low Noise
  • Robust: High Over-Range
  • 10-200 lbf Ranges
  • Compact Coin Cell Package
  • Anti-rotation Mounting Features
  • CE Compliance
  • mV Output: 20 mV/V Nominal Low Deflection


  • Assembly Forces
  • Physical Therapy Devices
  • Patient Weight
  • Hand Tool Forces
  • Chiropractic and Exercise Equipment
  • Consumables Monitoring: Copy Equipment and Vending Machines
  • Appliance Payload Monitoring: Washers, Dryers, Water Weight, Extraction Efficiency
  • Appliance Unbalance Monitoring