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MGD3000 Self-Priming Pump up to 3500 mLPM

The MGD3000 is a self-priming pump for liquids up to 3500 mLPM. These pumps have a very high pressure capability up to 10 bar (depending on the model) for its size. these pumps include a 3 wire DC sensorless brushless motor. There is an available controller EQI-MG3 for customers to purchase.

**All new inquiries for these parts should contact TCS directly via their webpage at www.micropumps.co.uk. You may also contact us with any questions and we can forward your inquiry accordingly.  All current customers should contact us first before placing a new order. **

Key Features

  • 0-3600  mLPM free flow, smooth and almost pulseless flow
  • Weight of 400 grams
  • Operating temp from 0°C to 80°C
  • Viscosity up to 5,000 cST 
  • Wide range of chemical resistance
  • Small size of 132 mm X 54 mm X 53 mm