MGD2000 Series for 0-2000 ml/min for Liquids

Small, lightweight micro-gear pump range for liquids.

If you require more flow than the MGD1000 can deliver, then you should consider the MGD2000. Self-priming, they are capable of flows of over 2000mlpm and yet still able to deliver the same high pressures as the MGD1000.

Combined with the TCS-developed, sealless drive system and brushless drive motor, they offer an excellent level of performance and life expectancy. Solid, robust CNC aluminum alloy construction makes these pumps capable of high performance in the harshest of environments. The operating temperature range is 0°C to 100°C and the input voltage is 12V to 30V for all models. A version with a stepper motor is also available.


 Models  Size  Weight  IP Rating Max Pressure Max Free Flow
 MGD2000S (Brushless) 86 x 53 x 54 mm  344 grams  Waterproof IP67 10 Bar 1400 mlpm
 MGD2000F (Brushless) 91 x 53 x 54 mm   350 grams  Waterproof IP67 6 Bar 2300 mlpm
 MG2000-ST (stepper motor)  57 x 57 x 133 mm  1080 grams  IP46 6 Bar 200 mlpm