MGD1000 Series for 0-1100 ml/min for Liquids

The MGD1000 Series micropump delivers consistent pulseless flow with high or low pressure. They are suitable for a wide range of liquids and are self-priming. The MGD1000 can be used with all common liquids and will also resist most chemicals and solvents. 

The pump has two connection options: stainless steel threaded tubing connectors for quick and easy connection to tubing, or manifold packaging. Its flow direction is reversible. Customers should note that the previous iteration, the MG1000 is still available for those already using the MG1000. We recommend the MGD1000 for all new customers.

*Important* These brushless motors require a separate controller to operate!  TCS offers the EQi range of controllers

The MGD1000 micropumps come in 3 different options based on pressure and flow rate requirements. All MGD1000 pump variants are capabile of more than the indicated figure but exceeding this may result in damage to the pump.

mgd1000 micropump ranges


  • High pressure capability
  • Self-priming
  • High & low viscosity liquids
  • Smooth, almost pulseless flow
  • Reversible flow
  • High chemical resistance
  • Small size only 65 x 32 x 30
  • 1/8 bsp connector or manifold
  • No dynamic seal