MG2000 Series for 0-2000 ml/min for Liquids

The MG2000 series pumps deliver consistent flow with high or low pressure and can be used with almost any viscosity liquid. They are self-priming. The body is constructed from precision CNC machined aluminum alloy and wetted parts are stainless steel, PEEK, and polyacetal. 

The MG2000 range can be used with all common liquids and also resists most chemicals and solvents. The pump has two tubing connector options; stainless steel threaded tubing connectors for quick and easy connection to tubing, or for directly mounting to your manifold. Flow is reversible.  

Pumps 0-2,000 ml/min of liquids. The MG2000-STEP is available for those who would like a stepper motor control. 

Key Features

  • 0-2000 ml/min free flow
  • Maximum pressure of 15 Bar (220 psi)
  • Voltage range of 6-24 Volts
  • Power usage 10W to 100W
  • Viscosity up to 200,000 cST
  • Small size of 89 X 49 X 53 mm
  • Weight 340g
  • Wide range of chemical resistance