M510 Series 0-8 LPM for Liquids

The M510 Series (Brushless Drive, Our Highest Flow Centrifugal Pump) of micropumps is powerful with an efficient long life. It is driven by powerful brushless drive motors and can deliver unparalleled flow for its size. 

Constructed from precision CNC machined aluminum alloy with stainless steel tubing connectors, the M510 utilizes a seal-less pump design as standard. Optional seals, wetted part coatings and materials are also available enabling this pump range to suit most applications and resist most chemicals and solvents. 

Note: The original M500 is still available for current customers. New customers should use the M510.

Key Features

  • 0-8 lpm free-flow
  • CNC aluminum alloy construction
  • Quiet, pulseless smooth flow
  • Small size of 64 X 32 X 31 mm
  • Weight 102g
  • Wide range of chemical resistance