M400K-V liquid micropump

A range of highly efficient long-life pumps, available in different seal materials and configurations to suit a wide range of different chemicals and applications.

**All new inquiries for these parts should contact TCS directly via their webpage at www.micropumps.co.uk. You may also contact us with any questions and we can forward your inquiry accordingly.  All current customers should contact us first before placing a new order. **

Powered by a miniature 'Brushless Motor' and containing its own integrated 'brushless motor controller' they produce smooth consistent flow making them particularly suitable for systems where size, weight, and low power consumption are key requirements. Flow is easily controlled via the supply voltage by restrictions on the pump outlet. Ideal for continuous operation

Alternative seal materials and optional wetted part coatings and materials are also available enabling this pump range to resist most chemicals and solvents. The pump uses efficient push-fit connectors designed for 3.2 mm flexible tubing ("K" variants). Fitted with a JST power connector and supplied with a 220 mm electrical fly lead is fitted as standard.  Pumps liquids between 0-2600 ml/min.

Customers with large format printers should use the M400K-V. 

Key Features

  • 0-1150 ml/min free flow (M400K-V)
  • Voltage range of 6.0 - 12 Volts
  • Small size of 40 X 26 X 25 mm
  • Weight 24-32 g
  • Wide range of chemical resistance