D3K 0-3.6 LPM Miniature Diaphragm Air/Gas Pump

The D3K pumps are miniature diaphragm micropumps designed for maximum performance with minimum power consumption making them especially suitable for portable, battery-powered devices. They are constructure from a special blend of polycarbonate an ABS for maximum strength and rigidity. They are powered by a small and highly efficient coreless DC motor for ultimate efficiency. 

The dual inlet and outlet ports allow the two pump heads to be plumbed in series for maximum pressure and vacuum or in parallel for maximum flow.

Key Features

  • 0-3.6 lpm of air or gas free flow
  • Maximum pressure of 0.7 bar
  • Low power consumption of 0.3 - 2.5 watts
  • Power supply of 3-6VDC
  • Small size of 36 x 23 x 43 mm
  • Light weight of 45g
  • Can be user optimized fr either best flow or pressure
  • Typical applications include medical devices, analysis systems, gas detection & monitoring, cooling systems and precision flow