D200 Series Miniature Pump for Air or Liquid

The D200 Series pumps are constructed from glass-filled nylon or aluminum alloy 6000 (anondized) with stainless steel tubing connectors. It is fitted with Nitrile + Silicone diaphragm as standard but also has alternative wetted part options. Materials are available enabling this pump range to resist most chemicals and solvents. The pump uses efficient push-fit connectors designed for 2.4 mm bore flexible tubing.

The completely sealed, oil-free pumping chamber makes them particularly suitable for applications where contaminants cannot be tolerated.

Typical applications include medical devices, analysis, gas detection, fuel cells, battery operated systems and more. Models for liquid now available!

0-490 ml/min free flow Key Features

  • Maximum pressure of 655 mbar (9.5 psi)
  • Self-priming
  • Voltage range of 1.5-6 V
  • Power usage 0.038 W to 0.18 W
  • Vacuum max 8.1 psi @ 4.5 V
  • Small size of 40 X 25 X 17 mm
  • Weight 32g
  • Wide range of chemical resistance