Controllers, Evaluation Kits & Accessories

Controllers, Evaluation Boards & Accessories

Here is a summary of controllers and accessories available for purchase for the MP6 line of micropumps. We can help you design your own test kit depending on your requirements.

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The mp-Lowdriver is a small, easy-to-use driving circuit developed for the micropumps of the mp6-series especially for low-flowrate applications as it has a high amplitude resolution and is thus ideally suited for controlled loop flow regulation systems. It generates amplitudes up to 150 Vpp from a 3-5 V DC supply.

mp-lowdriver operating manual


The mp-Highdriver drives the micropump at adjustable performance in a package similar to an integrated circuit. It enables integration into system electronics or on a PCB. Drives 1 mp6 micropump.

mp-highdriver operating manual


The mp-Highdriver4 is a pump driver that allows driving up to 4 mp6 micropumps simultaneously. Driving frequency, amplitude and diriving signal is adjustable. Every pump can be activated and deactivated individually.

mp-highdriver4 manual


The mp-Multiboard is an evaluation board that allows controlling one of our I²C controlled pump-drivers (choose from mp-Lowdriver, mp-Highdriver, mp-Highdriver4) through an Arduino microcontroller. Up to four mp6 micropumps can be directly connected to the board.

mp-Multiboard operating manual

MP-X Controller 

Previously known as the mp-x, this tool gives access to the full range of driving parameters - a complete system for your test laboratory. Driving the micropump with the mp-x allows you to gather comprehensive results in a short time. You will also be able to consider the sometimes complex interaction of micro and macrofluidics with direct measurements of your system right from the beginning. 

mp-x manual


Newest evaluation kit is a flow controlled dosing system. An Arduino board reads out a Sensirion flowmeter, comparing it to a target value and operates the mp6 micropump. Includes PC software to monitor, control and log the flowrate. See video demo here.

mpSmart overview

mpSmart manual

mp6 CON slide mp6-con: Connect mp6 to mp-x controller. Design and connectors – Molex FCC 1.25 mm pitch – 85 cm (33.465 in.) cable – Binder 620 connector
mp cv slide mp6-cv: The passive check valve eliminates the backflow of the pumping medium when the micropump is switched off. It can be connected via tubing. 
mp y slide mp-y: Y connector for tubing for parallel use of 2 pumps. Polypropylene (PP) for tubing inner diameters of 1,3 – 2,6 mm 0.0512 – 0.1024 in.
tubing for mp6 micropumps mp-t: Inlet/outlet compatible Tygon® tubing. Inner diameter 1.3 mm Outer diameter 3 mm Wall thickness 0.85 mm Can be sterilized. 
molex connector for mp6 micropumps mp6-mol: Type: Molex FCC 39532045 1.25 mm pitch Contacts 4 Entry Angle/Orientation Vertical PC Tail Length 3.50 mm
hose clamps for mp6 micropumps mp-hc: Hose clip to prevent leakage in high pressure. Inner diameter (when closed) 3 mm. Dimensions in closed state: 4 mm x 5.1 mm 
filter for mp6 micropumps mp-filter: Protection of mp6 systems from particles by integrating filter into mp6 micropump for liquid applications.