Elmos Sensor Signal Conditioning IC's

Elmos Sensor Signal Conditioning

The Elmos SSPs are suitable for numerous industrial applications. Pressure, torque, and related physical parameters can be measured with resistive MEMS, ceramic, or metal film measuring bridges. The ICs feature a broad adjustment range, straightforward calibration via a serial input/output (SIO) for the entire system, and extensive configuration options. They also have comprehensive, integrated self-test functions and are highly robust against overvoltage.

  • Make your sensor precise with up to two 3rd order multi-dimensional polynomial correction
  • Get your pressure measurement quickly with the highest sample rates and lowest latencies in the industry
  • Rescale your sensor easily by performing offset and gain adjustment without recalibration

703.11 Elmos Sensor Signal Processor for High Precision Applications

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703.21 Elmos Sensor Signal Processor for Industrial Pressure Transmitters

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