Servoflo's Linecard

The E703.21 is a fully integrated pressure signal conditioner. Its analog sensor front end directly interfaces with a wide range of pressure sensors. Pressure and temperature values are corrected by a DSP with a multidimensional polynomial using up to 16 coefficients. The corrected values are available via an I²C or SPI interface. In parallel, the pressure value is also available as an absolute voltage, ratiometric voltage, or current signal. The supply and analog output pins are fully protected against reverse polarity, overvoltage, and short circuits with minimal external circuitry. 

Block Diagram

elmos sensor signal processor for industrial pressure transmitter 703.21 


  • Pressure signal bandwidth, accuracy, and output update rate are widely configurable
  • Two fully differential 16-bit ADCs for pressure and temperature signal acquisition
  • Configurable 4 .. 20mA / absolute 0 .. 10V / ratiometric 0 .. 5 V analog output with 16 bit DAC
  • Ultra-low latency, limited only by -3dB signal bandwidth
  • Traceability by unique 48bit serial number


  • Industrial pressure transmitters
  • Resistive MEMS & thick/thin film sensors with and without laser trimmed offset (offset up to 36 - 114 mV/IV)