Servoflo's Linecard

The E703.11 is a fully integrated pressure signal conditioner. Its analog sensor front end interfaces directly to a wide range of pressure sensors. Sensor and temperature values are corrected by a DSP with a multi-dimensional polynomial using up to 16 coefficients. The corrected values are available via I2C or SPI interface. In parallel, the pressure can be output as a ratiometric voltage, PWM, or FM signal.

Block Diagram

elmos sensor signal processor 703.11 application diagram


  • High precision front-end
  • PGA configurable to 2..88mV/V FS, offset adjustable to ±300% FS
  • Output signal bandwidth widely configurable: (10Hz..8kHz), accuracy (10..15 ENOB), and sample rate (2..50kS/s)
  • Ultra-low latency: output update rate 2..50kS/s, DSP time<25µs
  • 6th order polynomial sensor correction (16 coefficients)
  • Temperature sources: chip, bridge, and external (diode, NTC)


  • High-precision industrial pressure sensors
  • Ultra low-pressure OEM modules
  • Industrial products using resistive sensor bridges