Servoflo's Linecard

Package: SOP8

Precision amplifier-IC AM457 for differential input signals with adjustable offset and full-scale voltage output with integrated diagnose function, ratiometric output. For precision bridge circuit and ceramic sensors.

Input: +/-5...+/-100mV
Output: ratiometric 0.2...Vcc-0.2V


  • Very Low Offset Voltage: <0.5 mv="" c="" li="">
  • Low Input Bias Current: <30 na="" li="">
  • High Input Sensitivity
  • High CMRR: > 135dB min
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: -40°C...+150°C
  • Ratiometrical Output Voltage
  • Adjustable Rail-to-Rail Output Stage: 0.2...Vcc-0.2V
  • Single Supply Device
  • Push/Pull Output Stage
  • Integrated Diagnostic Unit
  • Integrated EMC Protection
  • Low Noise Behaviour
  • Additional Operational Amplifier

Typical Uses

  • Small Signal (Bridge) Amplifier
  • Automotive Applications
  • DMS Interface
  • Interface for Ceramic Sensors
  • High Precision Amplifier
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Data Acquisition