ASI7000 Wet-Wet Differential Pressure Transmitter
Pressure Medium: Air/Gas, Harsh & Liquid Environments
Sensor Type: Differential
Supply Voltage: 5V
Output Signal: Voltage, 4-20 mA
Pressure Range: 3-300 psi
Kind: Packaged Transducer

The ASI7000 is a media-isolated differential pressure transmitter consisting of an isolation membrane differential pressure sensor and integrated circuits. Various pressure ranges are available up to 300 psi with a common line pressure of 500 psi.

The ASI7000 has a built-in microprocessor to correct non-linearity and compensate temperature drift to measure and control liquid and gas differential pressures.


  • Various ranges up to 300 psi
  • Accuracy <±0.4% typical
  • Burst pressure 3x full-scale
  • 4 million pressure cycles
  • Supply voltage of 10-30 VDC
  • Voltage or current output

Typical Uses

  • Pressure instrumentation
  • Water level
  • Boiler controls
  • Pneumatics
  • HVAC/R Systems
  • Filtration