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tire pressure monitoring system

The CPS120M series tire pressure monitoring sensor module is a direct tire pressure monitoring system. By installing four tire pressure monitoring sensors in the each tire, it converts the air pressure signal into an electrical signal and transmits the signal through a wireless transmitter.

Real-time automatic monitoring of tire pressure and temperature during stationary or driving situations, and timely warning of tire high pressure, low pressure, and high temperature to avoid traffic accidents caused by tire failure to ensure driving safety.

The core sensor chip of the product is a MEMS capacitive sensor chip independently developed by Consensic, combined with a dedicated high-integration ASICs chip for signal conditioning and temperature compensation, thus achieving high performance, high stability, and high precision.

This series of products are divided into built-in sensors and external sensors according to applications, which are used in the automotive front-mounted market, after-mounted market, and the corresponding maintenance market.


  • Low power consumption, excellent for battery and other low power applications
  • External clock not required
  • High resistance to sensing media
  • Ceramic substrate for extreme temperature and harsh environment continuous operation


  • Built-in compensation to meet long-term use over a wide temperature range
  • Uses a capacitive MEMS sensor chip technology to achieve high stability and low drift
  • The electromagnetic compatibility requirements are considered in the internal design, and the anti-interference ability is strong
  • Monitor tire pressure consistently, displays current tire pressure and temperature
  • High pressure and low pressure alarm , high temperature alarm, fast air leak alarm; effectively prevent tire blowout
  • Low battery prompt of the host computer; the display automatically turns off when parking
  • The corresponding standard pressure value can be set according to the car model and tire position