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TE Connectivity Humidity and Force Sensors

Product lines from TE Connectivity include humidity & temperature sensors and force sensors.

elaf load cell and compression sensor for 10 - 2000 lbf

ELAF Compression Load Cell for 10lbf to 2000lbf

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FC22 compression sensor for 10-100 lbf

FC22 Compression Load Cell for 10 to 100 LBF

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FC23 compression sensor for 50-2000 lbf

FC23 Compression Load Cell for 50 to 2000 LBF

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FS10 Miniature Load Cell

FS10 Surface Mount Miniature Compression Load Cell

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fs20 force sensor for 50 to 5000 grams

FS20 Low Force Compression Load Cell for 500 to 5000 Grams

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Integrated Pressure, Temperature & Humidity Sensor MS8607

Integrated Pressure, Temperature & Humidity Sensor MS8607

Pressure Medium: Air/Gas
Sensor Type: Barometric
Supply Voltage: Under 5V
Output Signal: Digital
Kind: Board Level
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