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servoflo special announcement

May 21, 2024: Please read this special announcement about Servoflo's distribution business.

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HTC52 Low Pressure Sensors

Servoflo is now offering the HTC52 pressure sensor. This new family of pressure sensors has a wide range of sensor options including gauge or digital, analog or digital output, horizontal or vertical ports, and much more. With pressure sensing ranges as low as 0-1" of H2O up to 100 psi, the HTC52 offers excellent design flexibility and reliability for your application.

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Capacitive pressure sensors

This is a guest blog post reproduced with permission from ES Systems, a specialist in high quality pressure sensors for a variety of applications. The majority of the pressure sensors currently installed in the field are based on MEMS technology and utilize either piezoresistive or capacitive measurement principle. In this article, we will be discussing their main differences and we will be highlighting the advantages of each.

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Hybrid Circuit Manufacturing

Metallux now offers hybrid circuit design and manufacturing capabilities. With a state of the art cleanroom and manufacturing facility, Metallux can offer high quality design services and manufacturing for users needing to create a design integrating electrical components and sensing technology.

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AP/AG Series

We are pleased to announce a new overview for the AP/AG pressure sensor series by Fujikura. This page provides a quick overview of various models (AP2/AG2, AP3/AG3, & AP4/AG4) with links to datasheets and product and pricing guides. 1.5% accuracy pressure sensors come is various packages and offerings. 3V supply versions are also available. 

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