We are a distributer FORPressure Sensors, Mass Flow Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Oxygen Sensors & Micropumps

Servoflo offers a wide variety of pressure sensors, environmental sensors, mass flow sensors, micropumps, and much more! 



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Over 30 Years of
Solutions to Design Challenges

Servoflo has over 30 years of experience working with engineers in Fortune 500 companies to find solutions to design challenges. We have knowledge of many application areas including medical, consumer, HVAC, automotive, and industrial equipment. With a broad range of suppliers, we can offer a variety of solutions to provide customers multiple choices & second sources. We also have an array of logistical services, inventory plans. Our in-depth expertise and services makes us the most noteworthy distributor in North & South America!



our unique experience

Medical Applications

Our experience with the largest medical equipment manufacturers gives us full understanding of the best sensors for various medical applications: Respiratory & Breath Detection, Non-invasive Blood Pressure, Oxygen Concentrators & Conservers, Infusion Pumps, Inflatable Mattresses & Cushions, Deep Vein Thrombosis.


HVAC & Cleanroom

Servoflo offers a wide variety of pressure sensors, pressure transducers, humidity sensors and other environmental sensors to monitor and adjust conditions to ensure the safety & comfort of buildings. Climate-sensitive processes and critical containment also require environmental sensors for personnel and product safety.


Automotive Applications

Our sensors for automotive applications focus include pressure sensors, mass flow sensor, humidity sensors and more. Specific applications include tire pressure monitoring systems, cabin environment, air bag deployment, car seat comfort systems, MAP pressure sensors, leak testing and race car applications.